We support missionaries and humanitarian workers in Ghana, Madagascar, Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania. Christian Mission Fellowship International commissions workers annually during the conference. Some workers also have engineering and construction skills, useful in building homes and churches from home-made bricks and local materials. Others dig water wells for the greater community to access clean drinking water and reduce the spread of water-borne diseases that cause a lot of avoidable deaths every year.

They will eventually build (plant) churches to train their own community leaders to carry on the work of saving lives and souls.

All our missions support are generously donated by the members. We do not solicit funds from the public nor do we receive government grants. Despite that, in the last year the church contributed over $18,000 towards World Missions. This is a promising start, given that it is only the first year of operation.

We hope to accommodate financial members in the coming months who wish to support the work financially but are unable to be with us in person or regularly.

If this is what the Lord wants you to do, you can join us in this harvest field. Start by filling out a short contact form, and one of our volunteers will be in touch shortly.


Mission field update…

Pray the Lord of the Harvest to send forth workers
Pray the Lord of the Harvest to send forth workers