South America

God is always on the move. The Holy Spirit is not static and is now advancing the church-planting movement into the South American continent, starting with Venezuela.

Quick background (Source: Operation World Manual, 7ED, J Mandryk & GMI, Colorado Springs, USA):
In 2010 the population passed the 29m mark, with 80% along the Caribbean coastal belt in the north. The people are Hispanic (Spanish heritage), indigenous and African backgrounds, Colombians and Cubans. 66% Mestizo, 20% European, 10% African, 2.7% Asian, Mid-Eastern, 1.3% Ameri-Indians.

The main religion is Christianity (84%) with the Catholic Church regaining recognition in 1964 after many years of adversary with the state. There is a significant growth in Evangelicalism that may be drawing its members from the traditional incumbent.

People are hungry for the Word of God, not just the written (Logos) but also the spoken (Rhema) or revealed Word by the Holy Spirit. Man’s tradition can kill the Word by making it nothing more that repetitious rituals that have lost all meaning.

Our God is alive!!!

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