Our newly established charity, Casting Care Inc., assumes the civil operations of the church from May this year. In partnership with OzHarvest and Foodbank (and plans for other corporate suppliers to come on board) we are able to provide food and basic necessities for those in need.

Based on experience and observation we have two categories of need:

  1. Stress Relief – Where people may be employed but struggle to make ends meet. They have a home, and are typically couples and families with school-age children.
  2. Emergency Relief – People are actually doing it rough. They are without a home, on their own and have limited access to amenities.

We have two modes of distribution, based on the above:

  1. Family-size Food Hamper (Pantry & chilled)
  2. To-Go Single Packs (Prepared meals & toiletries)

Care Centre Hours (For distribution or ablutions):
Friday: 10am-10pm


For more information, contact Jonah on 0401-753-231